The Name Synonymous with Quality, Durability, and Longevity

When you think of industrial boilers and pressure parts, the name Bigelow should be the first name that comes to mind. We’ve been helping companies around the world service and upgrade their boiler technology for the past 30 years, but the Bigelow name first began appearing on boilers more than 150 years ago in manufacturing in New Haven Connecticut.  As time went on, that company and the industry has changed.  The New Haven company closed its doors in 1986, but the engineering and technology are still available today.  


Beginning in 1987, the Bigelow name and engineering dating back to the turn of the century were purchased by Thomas Fregeau to ensure that the countless users of Bigelow boilers could continue to get authentic parts designed to fit right and perform to specification.


In the 30 years since, we have continued to service the loyal Bigelow clients who have operated these high-quality units in many cases for over 60 years. That quality has earned Bigelow of today growth in many different markets, such as paper, furniture, forestry, sugar, petrochemical, textile and others.    


No matter what fuel powers your boiler or what configuration your facility requires, we have the skills, expertise, and resources to get your project done on-time and within budget.