Duplicate, replacement or redesign, we’ll customize to meet your needs.

 For replacement parts that precisely match your operational requirements, the Bigelow Company can assist you with virtually any boiler parts your facility utilizes:


  • Steam drums and mud drums  (see Pressure Parts)
  • Pressure vessels for your Claus Process SRU & WHB  (see Boilers)
  • Superheater and waterwall headers (see Pressure Parts)
  • Membrane Panels (see Tubes and Membrane)
  • Inventories Straight Boiler Tubes (SA178a, SA192, A210, A513, SA213T11 & SA213T22, SS304)
  • Bent boiler tubes (see Tubes and Membrane)
  • Swaged, finned, studded boiler tubes (see Tubes and Membrane)
  • Superheaters  and Saturated Steam Leads (see Superheaters)
  • Air preheaters and air preheater tubes
  • Finned and bare economizer tubes
  • Tube shields and tube plugs
  • Ceramic tube ferrules for tube sheet protection on SRU’s and WHB’s  for usage in  high temperature and corrosive applications
  • Accessories, Fans, Coal batch meters (see Accessories)
  • Boiler gaskets: steel, fiberglass wound, Topogee TM, Gortex TM and others
  • Manway, Handhole Plate Assemblies: 3-7/8” Master Handhole Tapered Gaskets, Handhole and Access Gaskets


We work with closely with major industry suppliers, such as Anderson, Clark-Reliance, Copes Vulcan, Detroit Stoker, Diamond Power, Riley Stoker, Twin City, Clarage, and others to maintain your OEM equipment.